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Parish Masthead, showing St Helen's Church and Parish Logo

Date Activity
Sep 29 Parish Meeting Notes; the Parish Council received the formal go-ahead from parishioners
Mar 14 First meeting of NP Team
Apr 24 Terms of Reference for Plan Production
May 24 Area Designation Application Form to SODC
Jun 1 Designated Plan Area; formal approval from SODC
Aug 29 Questionnaire form for parishioners to complete
Oct 10 Analysis of Questionnaire Results
Oct 23 Informal Consultation Document; slide presentation of draft plan to parishioners
Nov 16 Draft Plan and draft Evidence Based Report issued for consultation, with Jan 11th deadline for responses
Jan, Feb NP team prepare the final draft plan based on the consultation.
Mar 14 Final Draft Plan approved by Parish Council
Mar 15 Final Draft Plan sent to SODC for approval
Apr 12 Approved by SODC for comments from external consultees
Apr 15 Consultation on plan launched. View plan documents.
Jun 5 End of opportunity to comment on plan to be submitted for examination
Jun 7 External Examiner appointed (Andrew Ashcroft)
Jun 17 Clarification note issued by Examiner
Jul 3 NP Team respond to request for clarification by Examiner.
Sep 12 SODC publish Referendum Version on their web page
Oct 24 Referendum held. View Results.
Dec 5 SODC Cabinet considered the plan and made two supporting recommendations. View Details [Item 42].
Dec 19 SODC Cabinet recommended to Council that the plan be made, with corrections. View Details